The Day We Rescued a Church Cat

We’ve only been in this house a few weeks and already we’ve had several adventures! One of the fun things about our living arrangements is that there seems to be an assortment of feral cats running about the grounds. And no, I’m not talking about my daughters. My youngest has an obsession with animals. She […]

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The Second Mom

Another backlogged post… I’m still catching up on all the things I didn’t post during house closing and sickness. I don’t know how to be the second mom. I know how to be the mom! I know how to teach and instruct, how to comfort when hurt or scared or sick, how to laugh and […]

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Weight Gain

I warn you right now… This is about eating disorders and body image. If that is triggering to you in any way, please stop reading now! I’m going to get very real about some of my struggles. Sorry for the ramble, but I need to process all my thoughts… I have always struggled with my […]

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Moving Update: Take 3

We’re moved! Well, mostly. Despite the heavy breathing and fevers and coughs of Covid, we had some masked up, socially distanced, antibody carrying helpers come and load up our heavy furniture. Everything was transported to the temporary home and we spent all of Friday putting dishes in cupboards and food in the pantry. Friday night […]

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Moving Update: Take 2

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… We were supposed to move this weekend. But instead, we’re quarantined in our half empty house, knocked down with Covid. I don’t have good words to describe how cruddy we’re feeling. Robert gets energy in bursts when DayQuil masks his symptoms. I’m having an […]

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Moving Update!

A little moving update for the friends who have asked! Yep! We’re moving this weekend! It’s very exciting. There are still some closing things that need to be done, but schedule wise, this weekend works the best. This means that my girls and I will likely have to be coming back to the house to […]

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A Year Later…

I’ve lived with my family for a year. And oh what a sweet year it’s been! Everyone is remembering how we all started our “two weeks so slow the spread” a year ago; some with fondness of recalled Tiger King binges and whipped coffee and daily walks, and others with the frustration of seeing our […]

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