A Question for the Moms

Okay, moms, I’m about to become one of you, so I think you can let me in on the secret.

When do the superpowers kick in? 

Don’t act like you don’t know. You totally have superpowers.

When will I get that ability to find literally anything? I get frustrated trying to find information online, never able to find exactly what I need. And yet if I complain to my mom that I’m about to give up, I swear she comes back to me with the information in ten minutes! How did she find that? Clearly mom powers.

Yes, I see you over there, young mama with three kids under three. I see that juggling act you do as you carry two, hold the hand of one, while pushing a grocery cart, AND fishing your keys out of the diaper bag all while patiently listening to the most talkative one tell some long story that they’re clearly making up on the spot. I can barely dig my keys out of my purse while talking on the phone. You’ve got some kind of hero magic going for you, lady!

And what about the homeschool mom? The one who runs an academic co-op and a fine arts co-op and heads up the district board on top of educating seven of her own children, all of whom have impeccable grades. How do you achieve that level of dedication and diligence? 

And the single mothers who, for one reason or another, have to raise a child alone while earning a living? It’s incredible the way you balance a career and your family. You’ve got to have some kind of superhuman strength!

Your ability to heal booboos with just one kiss, the way you organise numerous doctor appointments and extracurricular activities like a human calendar, your tenacity as you selflessly put the needs of your children above yours, your kindness as you take time out of your busy schedules to meet with and encourage other moms. I’ve seen you work, I’ve seen your struggles and your victories, and I’ve seen how you come through shining like gold in impossible ways.

So I’ve got to know… When do those superpowers kick in? I want to be as awesome as you. 


3 thoughts on “A Question for the Moms

  1. I have no super powers…just a super awesome God. When I had one child, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t fathom handling more. God gives you the grace to be able to do hard things like parenting when you need it. Now I have three, and God is moment by moment giving me the “super powers” to raise them. I feel like curling up in a tight little ball when I think of homeschooling them too, but God will give me the grace for that season! He will give you your mama super powers just when you need them. =)

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  2. I echo the above sentiment… To some from the outside it may indeed look like super-powers… But what it really is… Grace and strength for every moment form our loving God.. That’s the secret 😉 There will be plenty of non-super peer moments too… Most of them actually😜
    When I had my first I thought “I can do this”.. NOPE. Only be God’s grace. Then when he was 8 months we found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with my second! So then I had a very active yet laid-back toddler and what turned out to be a very demanding, refluxer. There were numerous nights of screaming and not sleeping.. But again God gave grace and strength moment by moment.
    We then decided to go for a third.. When she was born #1 had just turned 3 a few months before and #2 had just turned 2 a few weeks before.
    We kept Christ first and depended on Him completely… There’s your super power ❤️

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  3. I have a bunch of ‘NOPE’ moments, lol. Three amazing blessings will do that to any one.
    As far as anything else goes, I think it is sink or float, and a fervent prayer for patience.


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