Rambling About Love Again

I walked into work and was immediately bombarded with a familiar song. Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful pumped through the speakers to the sound of coffee orders and steaming milk. It filled me with a feeling of nostalgia and, at first, sadness. This was our song. The song he and I had danced to on a pier in Long Island, promising to love each other when we were no longer young and beautiful. But that promise wasn’t kept. Sin creeps in and we all fail to keep our promises. It’s the dreadful reality of the Fall.

There are some promises, however, that are always kept. “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” is a big one. And “Though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow.”

Everyone always complains that it’s hard being single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve definitely complained. But right now I’m basking in love. I’m revelling in the love of a Saviour who’s promises are not dependant on my youth, my looks, my talents, or even my failures. I’m going to fail. But God never fails! Perfect love casts out fear. I have no fear of being alone or being single. The love I get to live in comes with the promise of forgiveness and is everlasting.

I have been so blessed to see true love displayed in human terms by couples around me. I love the way my dad cherishes my mom and the way my mom supports my dad. I’ve seen them at their best and their worst, but I’ve seen them stick by each other thanks to God. I love watching my brother cherish his wife. She delights in him and he is wild about her. They’ve only been married a year, but God is already doing great things in their lives! My sister is engaged now to a man who is crazy about her. My favourite thing about them as a couple is how often they pray together and how it all comes back to Jesus. I recently had the privilege of watching one of my oldest and dearest friends get married. She was radiant as she vowed before God to love and serve her husband, who in turn vowed to protect her. Love is so beautiful! Love can be hard. But oh it’s so worth it!

I don’t want to be blinded by an unbiblical view of love. It’s easy to be swept away by romance and unattainable promises. My goal for this year has been to delve into truth by living and breathing God’s word. Being in my Bible has helped me focus on what true love really is and be able to see what it looks like in others. I may not be in a romantic relationship, but I’m glad to be in the ultimate relationship: that of a forgiven child of the King. And I have never felt more protected, more cherished, more loved than I do leaning on my Saviour.

Thank you, God, for loving me when I’m not beautiful. Thank you for loving me when my heart is ugly and turned against you. Keep my mind and heart fixed on you and your truth. Let me continuously walk in your ways so that I can bring glory to Your name and serve Your cause. You are good and gracious, Your love is never failing.


One thought on “Rambling About Love Again

  1. Amen!! Well said! ❤️

    “Oh, love that will not let me go
    I rest my weary soul in Thee
    I give you back the life I owe
    And in your ocean depths its flow
    May richer, fuller be.”


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