Pull Up the Weeds

Happy Monday! Double posting today’ I’m starting something a little new. I’d like to be able to share some of my creative writing on this blog as well as posts about family, marriage, life, and homeschooling. I think I’ll generally keep the artsy stuff to Tuesday and post then, but this has been on my heart.

This is a poem that I was inspired to write at our church work day on Saturday. Then I was inspired to post it when our pastor preached about continuing to work in our sanctification on Sunday. Sometimes you need to get your fingernails all dirty and listen to God speak while you pull up weeds. God started man in a garden and I think we are always meant to be tending and cultivating ground, whether it be a physical garden or the metaphorical fields of our hearts. Maybe next spring I’ll try to plant some things. For now, I’ll just stick to pulling up weeds at church and uprooting sin in my heart.

Pull Up the Weeds

“Pull up the weeds,” the Gardener said,

But the spring air urged me to dance

And my heart scorned the labour,

My feet fleeing the garden.

The flowers blossomed bright,

But floral weeds were brighter,

So I picked the prettiest blooms,

And let the roots fester deep and tangled.

“Pull up the weeds,” the Gardener said,

And I knew He was right,

The weeds were taller than the bushes

And the fruit choked by brambles.

But the summer sun made hard my work,

The shade of an ivy covered tree,

Swallowed by the weeds I was to kill,

Invited me to sleep instead of toil.

And so the weeds flourished,

As the garden sat untended,

Enveloped by destroyers and thorns.

The result of my carelessness.

“Pull up the weeds,” the Gardener said,

But then I wept at the prospect.

“It’s too deep, Lord! Too hard!”

I wept from the cold earth.

“How can I uproot these trees,

When they have become the garden?”

“Put your hand to the soil,” His reply,

And He showed me how to kill them,

Tearing the infestation, destroying the root,

And breaking up my fallow ground.

“Pull up the weeds,” the Gardner said,

For it is easier to pull small weeds,

Than to dismantle a season of disobedience,

In this garden of my heart.

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