Moving Update!

A little moving update for the friends who have asked!

Yep! We’re moving this weekend! It’s very exciting. There are still some closing things that need to be done, but schedule wise, this weekend works the best. This means that my girls and I will likely have to be coming back to the house to hang around and clean it while the septic is being replaced, but at least all the beds and clothes and toys will be moved this weekend.

Where? Well, not to our forever home. While I am 90% certain we WILL have a place to permanently move into this summer, we are currently moving into a temporary lodging.

If you recall my last frantic blog post about the move, I mourned having no idea where we were going. Once again, God provides, just as He always days. My Brother’s Place is a ministry my church supports. They aim to help families in need and the house that they use for short term housing happened to be empty. The board is graciously allowing us to stay there while we wait on the permanent home situation.

This is such a fun adventure! The house is old and beautiful, like something out of an Agatha Christie novel. The girls are already beyond thrilled to move in there and call it “My Brother’s Playbouse.” Since we’ve been reading Narnia, they see this all as a big adventure and keep looking for secret doors to Narnia in ever room and cupboard. Leaps of faith are easier for kids, it seems. The bounce back very quickly!

I’m excited to be done with moving and packing so that I can get back into the swing of homeschooling. My poor little students are desperate for reading lessons (something I never thought would happen) and have been spending most of their days off our normal routine. The fact that I get to teach history in a really neat historic house is very exciting to all of us.

If you’re praying for our family during all of this, here’s how you can pray!

First, that I would be able to finish up all this packing. It’s a lot. My house is in total disarray and it’s a little overwhelming!

Second, that we would be able to finish up all of the closing projects. We just found out that we need to fix the well as well as the septic and it’s very frustrating.

Third, while the girls are very excited about leaving our little house in the mountains, I know it’s going to hit them soon that we’re leaving. Pray that all emotions are calm and that they adjust easily.

We’re so ready for this fresh start and my husband and I are ready to put the whole selling ordeal behind us. God is opening up so many doors for us, so pray that He gives us the wisdom to walk through them confidently.

Thank you for following our adventures! Through all the stress, we have been so covered in prayer and helped by so many generous and wonderful people in our community.

Now back to packing!


3 thoughts on “Moving Update!

  1. We made a major move last May, from southern Ca. to northern Mn. Yep, drastic weather change for sure. The best part was moving next to our daughters and family. We lived in our RV till the weather got too cold then moved into our daughters till our place was ready. Our place is a redone one room very rough hunters cabin, not bathroom, wood heat. Our family added a bedroom and bathroom to it and redid it all inside. It’s such a drastic great change. We are blessed beyond anything we could have ask for. Actually it is something I ask the Lord for years ago. To at least live by one of our two children. We shared a house with our son and family for four years in Ca. Now we live right across the driveway from our daughters. God is always good even when I am in depression from the move for a while. Change is hard and when does not feel well, it’s worst. But finally the day came to move in and wouldn’t you know I had Covid and was hospitalized due to kidney failure that very day. Praise God I am on the other side of that, living in our cosy warm place. I will come back later to see how you are doing.


    1. Oh praise God you’re out of the kidney failure and Covid woods! My husband just found out that he has Covid, right on the weekend that we’re supposed to move. So our move is being postponed/I’m doing the heavy lifting. God’s timing is so not my timing, but I’m trying to be content in it!


      1. Oh Emily, I will pray for you and your move. My husband and I both had it at the same time, he was not hospitalized but he could not have handled a move when he was sick. We both still have a couple of lingering affect from Covids.


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