Moving Update: Take 2

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…

We were supposed to move this weekend. But instead, we’re quarantined in our half empty house, knocked down with Covid.

I don’t have good words to describe how cruddy we’re feeling. Robert gets energy in bursts when DayQuil masks his symptoms. I’m having an arthritis flair up that hurts like the Dickens. We take turns napping for sometimes three hours at a time while the other is on call for any children emergencies. When we’re not on the couch, we go about in such a fog.

The good news is that the kids are 100% healthy! They just lack structure right now and it’s making them crazy.

Most of our clothes are at the temp house, as well as my shampoo and soap. I’m not even sure what we need because both of us just keep looking at each other with blank, stupid faces with little grasp on reality.

What a time for this to happen, huh? I mean, there’s never a good time to get the Rona, but when you’re supposed to be moving? Brutal.

Fortunately the closing has been pushed off and we’ll be able to move in the coming weeks. Our quarantine is supposed to end on Easter, so if I had to guess, I’d say that’s when we’re moving. For now, I’m thankful for friends who drop off groceries, ShopRite from home for everything I’ve forgotten, WandaVision for getting Robert and I through the first few horrible nights, and for our church’s livestream so we can worship with our family.

God is sovereign, even through Covid. If we’re not moving right this second, it’s because He had other plans for us. Yes, I definitely freaked out earlier in the week about this, but I don’t know… maybe I’m growing in my faith, maybe I’m too sick to feel anything, but I trust that He is always faithful and will continue to lead my family.

Thanks for praying for us!


One thought on “Moving Update: Take 2

  1. Oh No!!!!! I’m so sorry, Emily!! I will be praying for you! May the Lord protect you and Robert! I will be praying for you!!! Always, Mrs. Swift. ❤


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