About this Blog

My name is Emily Waters. I am a wife and mother. I am a home educator. And I am a passionate follower of Jesus!

This blog has been through many changes since its origins in 2015.  Divorce and self-reflection dominated the majority of the middle blog posts (2016-2019), but now this is officially a Christian living and homeschool blog.

By way of introducing all posts from 2020–onward, I am Emily Waters, married to a teacher, with a blended family of two daughters who are eight months apart and currently in the same grade.  I am home educating both of them and loving the adventure.  I am absolutely in love with my family and incredibly blessed by my girls and my husband daily!  I will be documenting our homeschool experiment as I educate the girls to the best of my abilities for as long as the Lord permits.

My greatest love is Jesus. I pray that the gospel radiates through each of my blog posts as I seek to share what’s on my heart and spread the light of Christ through my words.  I attend Highlands Bible Church and serve there in whatever capacity I can.  Whatever isn’t about homeschooling on this blog will be about Christian living, as I endeavor to live more like Christ daily.

I hope that this blog blesses whoever reads it!  Thank you for joining me as I discover the art of Christian living!

Emily Waters

waters fam
The Waters Family 2020

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