You Aren’t Enough

“You are enough.” I see this everywhere and as a mom, it really just irks me. I know that’s the opposite of the intended effect. It’s supposed to encourage me, but—and maybe this is just me—it makes me feel so condescended to and very very frustrated. I live with me, oh valiant mom influencers with […]

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“The Flame Shall Not Hurt Thee…”

I am frustrated today. No, you know what? Frustrated is an understatement. I am overwhelmed and pissed off. 2020 was a fantastic year for the Waters family, but 2021 is turning out to be hectic and exhausting. Between homeschooling two similarly aged girls (or, homeschooling one well and absolutely failing the other one), trying to […]

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And if not… He is still good

I know there was no rational reason to think I was actually pregnant. With some extenuating medical circumstance, the chances of us getting naturally pregnant are 1 out of 1,000. But I felt pregnant for several weeks. I kept praying and begging God that we had a miracle. I cried and prayed every single day. […]

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Hi, I’m Emily! I am a happy wife, a homeschool mom, a writer, and sometimes a singer. But above all, I belong to Jesus and seek to proclaim the good news of His gospel!

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