Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of my favourite holidays. None of the pressure of picking out a perfect gift, all of the food, plenty of family… It’s literally the perfect holiday. But it also holds a degree of melancholy. We’re supposed to count our blessings, but sometimes we look at our surroundings and feel a little […]

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Rambling About Love Again

I walked into work and was immediately bombarded with a familiar song. Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful pumped through the speakers to the sound of coffee orders and steaming milk. It filled me with a feeling of nostalgia and, at first, sadness. This was our song. The song he and I had danced to […]

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Even the Winds and Seas…

I’ll be the first to admit it… my faith gets pretty small sometimes. There are days when I feel like my problems are just too big for me to deal with while at the same time being too small and insignificant for God to notice. I don’t know when I bought into a theology that […]

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Complain Less, Praise More

People are complainers by nature. I know I sure am. It feels like complaining becomes a competition of who has it worse. “Yeah, work is terrible right now. Super busy, can’t seem to get on top of things.” “Tell me about it, I’m hanging out the drive through window in sub zero temperatures. I hate […]

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Is 2017 Over Yet?

To make something beautiful from ashes, something has to burn. And 2017 has been a wildfire. The first half of the year was absolutely heart wrenching as I felt like my life was being pulled to pieces. You all know that story, so I won’t dredge up the sordid details. I wallowed for a while, […]

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