Heart of the Homemaker

“How does a homemaker care for her heart, so that she can maintain her home with a life-giving rhythm?” So read the writing prompt from The Homemaker’s Club Instagram page I enjoy. I immediately thought of a Bible verse I had drilled into me as a kid in the Kingdom Seekers girls’ group. “How can […]

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Chapter Two

Marriage is a huge undertaking. Parenting also can be challenging. But those things in combination with family blending? Phew, what an adventure! When I first started to date my now husband, there were many delicate issues we had to work around. While there are several resources for widows and widowers who are heading into Chapter […]

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Of Pregnancy and God’s Rebuke

I now understand why Rebekah cried out to the Lord during pregnancy and essentially asked, “What is happening to me?” Of course, I’m not carrying twins that are striving against each other. But I feel as if there’s definitely a little war going on inside of me. Maybe it’s more of a spiritual battle, though. […]

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The 2015 Ramble

I’ve had some genuinely good years in my life. Until now, my favourite year was 2008 into early 2009. I had a summer internship at a local theatre and spent my days rehearsing scenes and painting sets. My family went to Disney World and I celebrated my 15th birthday at my happy place. I started […]

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I’m a Christian. Period.

We’ve all seen the BuzzFeed video “I’m Christian, but I’m Not…” Here is my response. I’m a Christian and I am committed to following the commands and words of Christ, the author and finisher of the faith. There aren’t any “buts” about it. I’m a Christian and I serve an incredible God! I serve the […]

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Life’s What You Make It

“I want adventure in the great wide Somewhere! I want it more than I can tell. And for once, it might be grand to have someone understand… I want so much more than they’ve got planned.” As I little girl, I would sing Belle’s reprise from Beauty and the Beast at the top of my […]

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