Teaching from a Place of Rest (The Great Homeschool Experiment: Week 3)

This week started out horrible. Not just cutesy “oh we got off on the wrong foot, but muddled through!” horrible. I’m talking “mind-blowing, gut puking, insomnia inducing, we’re never going to recover, all our attitudes need major readjustment” horrible. My kids have their own unique sets of issues. One has anxiety. One has ADHD and […]

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Little People

“Doh my doodness, wittle Lily! You so squirmy! So squirmy!” the paediatric nurse cooed in an obnoxiously high voice as she took my baby’s vitals.  I lay in the hospital bed, still unable to move my legs after the epidural and slightly strung out on pain killers. When I’m all uncomfortable like that, it’s difficult […]

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Of Pregnancy and God’s Rebuke

I now understand why Rebekah cried out to the Lord during pregnancy and essentially asked, “What is happening to me?” Of course, I’m not carrying twins that are striving against each other. But I feel as if there’s definitely a little war going on inside of me. Maybe it’s more of a spiritual battle, though. […]

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A Question for the Moms

Okay, moms, I’m about to become one of you, so I think you can let me in on the secret. When do the superpowers kick in?  Don’t act like you don’t know. You totally have superpowers. When will I get that ability to find literally anything? I get frustrated trying to find information online, never […]

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