The Great Homeschool Experiment: Nearing the End

If you happen to be friends with me on Facebook or know me in real life, you’d know that my husband just accepted a job as principal at Sussex Christian School. We are so thrilled! I couldn’t be more proud of him and for how the Lord is growing him into this godly leader.

This job change comes with two additional changes for our family. The first is something I’ve hinted at before when talking about moving. We’re going to be moving to a house on the campus where we will be able to best serve the community! This is so very exciting for us as it means walking to work… and walking to school.

Yes, that’s the other change. The days of my homeschool experiment are almost at an end. In the Fall, the girls will be headed to Sussex Christian—a return for Lily who attended pre-k there, but a new experience for Ella. I am very excited for them, but I’m also going to miss being their teacher!

I think I’ve prepared them well. They will not, as I had hoped a little naively, be going into the same class. Lily is 8 months younger than Ella, after all and they’re just at different levels both in maturity and academic skill. But I am confident that they are prepared for the classes they’re about to enter!

I just don’t know if I’m prepared to not be a homeschool mom. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities for me at the school and I know that their teachers are some of the best the state has to offer. But I’m going to miss being the one to sit with them on the couch and read our history lessons and tackle science lessons and even slog through reading lessons.

But in other ways, I am extremely grateful that they get to attend a school in person. With Lily’s ADHD, she craves the structure of a classroom that’s different from her home. (Although I am so nervous about how well she will be able to contain herself… Please God, give that girl some self-control and give her teachers tons of mercy!) Ella walks an ever fine line between perfectionism and not wanting to try. If the risk of failure is there, she’s inclined to not make any attempts. I’m hopeful that positive peer pressure will encourage her and help her to realise her own strengths. They’re going into such a nurturing environment, the type of place any parent would want to see their little girls go. I could not be more certain that they’re going to thrive!

But I’m going to miss having them with me every waking second of the day. I have been so blessed to spend this time with them. It’s been so beneficial to our family. They got to grow as sisters and really solidify their bond. They’re so close and love each other so much. I know that wherever they go, whatever they do, whether or not they’re even in the same class, they will have the other’s back. And I’m not sure they would’ve had this bond if we hadn’t taken the year to just grow as a family.

The Great Homeschool Experiment is only going to last for two more months. But what a great year it’s been! Ella can mostly read, can count by twos and tens up to 100, and is getting good at spelling out words as she hears them. Lily can identify her letters, most of her numbers, and draw any shape you ask her. They both are good at listening to stories and keeping up with chapter book read aloud. Their imaginations are so rich from stories like Little Pilgrim’s Progress, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Little House on the Prairie. I am so proud of how far they’ve come and so excited to see where they go! I hope they always look back at this year with as much fondness as I will. All in all, I would say this experiment has been a success. What a fantastic experience for all of us!

Looking forward to all the new adventures God has in store for our family at Sussex Christian School!


3 thoughts on “The Great Homeschool Experiment: Nearing the End

  1. So excited for you all, and looking forward to watch the Lord work in you and through you in this new chapter of life and ministry. For His glory and for the good of His children!!!
    Love, Grandpa.


  2. PS: Emily and Robert, you are doing such a great job raising these two precious girls. I am so proud of you and love you all!!!


  3. Robert and Emily, may Our Lord abundantly bless you all as you follow Him into this new and exciting chapter of your lives. W/L. Joanne (aka Mrs Merc)


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