I’m a Christian. Period.

We’ve all seen the BuzzFeed video “I’m Christian, but I’m Not…” Here is my response.

I’m a Christian and I am committed to following the commands and words of Christ, the author and finisher of the faith. There aren’t any “buts” about it.

I’m a Christian and I serve an incredible God! I serve the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth (which was created in seven days, just FYI) and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, who was born as a man in order to suffer the penalty due for my sins. I was damned, cursed by the Fall to die in Hell. But Jesus, rich in mercy, died so that I might live. Tell me, is there any greater love than this? How ridiculously humbling!

I’m a Christian and I’m not perfect. Nor would I claim that being a Christian somehow makes me closer to perfection. There is none perfect, none righteous but God. I do however strive each day to be like my perfect Saviour, trying to keep from sin and clinging to His promises.

I am a Christian, and therefore cannot just wink at sin and be “accepting” in the way the world wants. “But Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, Emily! Who are you to judge?” Yes, He ate with sinners. During His ministries. You know, where He was telling people to repent and follow Him? I hang out with unbelievers all the time, but I will always always always try to lead them to the truth, praying that God does a work in their hearts.

I am a Christian and I’m very judgemental, a word that has been completely misused by this generation. I’m judgemental because God has given me the faculties to judge. Come on, guys, we judge everyday! “Should I eat this? Should I hang out with x group of people? Better use good judgement.” However, I do not condemn. That’s not my job and never should be. I’ve been shown bountiful mercy at the hands of a God who should destroy me for my sin! It’s crazy! It’s wonderful! It’s the truest form of love. How shameful would it be if I, after being shown such grace, pointed at everybody else and showed them nothing but condemnation? But the phrase “Only God can judge me,” shouldn’t be something we use to to make excuses for behaviour that other people don’t like. It’s a terrifying concept…

I’m a Christian and I’m a feminist in that I believe in equality between men and women. God uses both genders! Look at all the fantastic women of the Bible! Ruth, Rahab, Esther, Mary, Lydia… These were some AMAZING women who did incredible work for the Lord. I don’t believe that women are better than men. And I definitely DO NOT believe in this so called “women’s right to choose,” a painfully blithe term for murder.

I am a Christian and I believe that marriage comes before sex. God created sex as an amazing thing to be had between one man and one woman. There are so many rich blessings to being married and having sex! It’s for our good, not to frustrate us.

Speaking of marriage and sex, I don’t believe that you’re going to hell if you’re gay. I do, however, believe that if you have not come to Christ and are living a life of unrepentant sin (which homosexuality is) that then you are, in fact, condemned. There are many “good” people who go to hell. The only way to get to Heaven is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, justified once, and continue in a life of repentance, continually being sanctified.

I’m a Christian and I’m not afraid to be offensive for Christ. Not that I try to be offensive! Really, I don’t want to hurt anybody. But if somebody is offended by Christ, they’re going to be offended by me and those who truly follow Christ. And if they are offended, they should be offended by Christ in us, that reflection of our Saviour, rather than a high and mighty “holier than thou” attitude. My deepest wish is that there would rise a generation of Christians who are confident enough to stand firm and declare the Word of the God we serve! Enough of these lukewarm millennials who seem to think that being a Christian is only about loving and accepting people! Being a Christian is about following CHRIST! Is it hard? Yes, sometimes. Does it hurt when people write you off as bigoted? Jesus actually warned us that it would. We’re a people set apart; we’re supposed to stand out.

I’m a Christian and I’ve been a terrible example of Christ because I have slipped all too often into that all accepting, winking at sin mode. I’ve tried to blend in, swearing and joking with the rest. The most saddening thing in the world was when I was talking to a girl who stumbled upon my Instagram page. “Wow, you’re a Christian? You’re so normal, I never would have guessed.” Shame on me! It should be the first thing people know about me! What a wretched sinner I am… But I serve a merciful God. I will relentlessly follow Him, forsaking all others, for I know that my sins are forgiven. He has removed them as far as the east is from the west. There is nothing left for me to do but pick up my cross and follow Him, believing that His ways are the best ways.

I’m a Christian and I will follow Jesus.


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